By-Laws and Resolutions

Bylaws Initial Meeting (PDF)

Corporate Bylaws (PDF)

Organizational Resolution (PDF)

Resolution 1-11 (PDF)

Resolution 1-12 (PDF)

Resolution 1-13 (PDF)

Resolution 1-14 (PDF)

Resolution 1-19 (PDF)

Resolution 1-20 (PDF)

Resolution 2-12 (PDF)

Resolution 2-13 (PDF)

Resolution 2-16 (PDF)

Resolution 3-12 (PDF)

Resolution 01-2020 (PDF)

Resolution 02-2020 (PDF)

Resolution 01-22 (PDF)

Resolution 03-2020 (PDF)

Resolution 04-2020 (PDF)

Resolution 05-2020 (PDF)

Members of the OLWMC

Directors of the OLWMC

  • Town Owasco: Ed Wagner

  • Cayuga County: Aileen McNabb-Coleman

  • City of Auburn: Debby McCormick

  • Town of Owasco: Ed Wagner

  • Cayuga County: Aileen McNabb -Coleman

  • City of Auburn: Debby McCormick

  • Town of Niles: Joan Jayne

  • Hamlet of Locke: Mary Alice Stetz

  • Town of Scipio: TBD

  • Town of Fleming: Don Oltz

  • Town of Moravia: Terry Baxter

  • Village of Moravia: Gary Mulvaney

  • Village of Groton: Nancy Niswender

  • Town of Summerhill: Charles Ripley

  • Town of Sennett: Tom Gray

The Owasco Lake Watershed Management Council is an inter-municipal 501(c)3 nonprofit development corporation with representation from municipalities throughout the Owasco Lake Watershed.


Office: 315-283-9427